Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dreams for 2012 - continued

So I got a lovely email back from Kate from FBI college, and she sent me the course list and fees and invited me to come take a tour of the college and ask any questions I may have, I emailed back saying that I will go and have a tour and would love to talk to someone about which course is right for me, the fees are reasonable but in no way affordable with the little part time work I am getting now.

The more research I do the more I want to go there, the opportunities and the support are what I need, I can't do 2012 the same way I did 2011.

I will email and ask if they do Hecs, but I don't think they do......

I am at least finding what it is that I need to do, it is looking like I may have to find another part time job with more work so I can afford to go to FBI.

One Step at a time I guess....

 xoxo Jane

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