Friday, June 28, 2013

EOFY shopping list














Thursday, June 27, 2013


Going on a massive shopping spree this Saturday for last minute EOFY sale's. 

Hoping to buy some workwear and casual clothes to completely update my wardrobe.

As for sales I found this beautiful dress on ASOS for work, would love to buy it!

It would go perfect with some pearls - very Audrey! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am back.....

Ok, after much musing, I have started a Business Administration Certificate 4. 

It is an online TAFE course because I need a bigger life plan other than selling jewellery on the weekends.

I am also working on my work and casual wardrobe ( but especially work). 

I have already bought some lovely clothing pieces, but I really need to update my shoes, I have been wearing flats all year, but they have broken, so I had to wear some heels ( this is at a job where I work 9 hours then have to run to catch a bus to get home)  and was unsure how it would go. It wasn't that bad, I just need a good pair that are not to high and don't give me blisters, as I can't wear flats to work for the rest of my career.

If I hope to get a proper corporate job I will have to wear some sort of heeled shoe, so I might as well ge used to it now!

So let the search for some new flat and heeled shoes begin!!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year - New Goals and Wish list

So, New Year, New Goals, wishlists and to do list's.

 As I sit here drinking a beautiful glass of 10 year old tawny that I got for my 21st Birthday, eating Adriano Zumbo macaroons and wearing my favourite new Peter Alexander dressing gown, I am thinking to myself of everything I want to do in this coming year.

In no particular order:

- Blog regularly, on this blog, my vintage recipes blog, and my new blog I am creating.

- Follow my passion for cooking more intensely, I am going to start creating my own recipes, and hopefully get them published in the new look bespoke zine. I want to start my own foodie blog, with my favourite recipes I find, and my own creations. 

- Update my tumblr weekly

- get in top of and keep on top of my emails

- Hopefully get three days work at my fabulous workplace

- Get my licence and hopefully my Mum's car  (if I get that extra days work)

- By one piece of clothing to update my wardrobe every month, I haven't bought myself new clothing in years really. I have purchased pieces here and there, but mostly I just by shoes, and I can't walk around in crappy clothes and fabulous shoes.

- Be more positive, I find it really hard to be positive, and its not healthy, literally - it affects your body.

- EAT BETTER and work better at the gym.

- And of course, to re-launch Enaj.

There is a lot to do there, but I really want to step it up this year...... so bring on the challenge!

xoxo J

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sample Arrived - and Decision time

Ok, I am writing on a high, I just came back form the hairdresser, so my hair is looking SUPER FABULOUS after I finally got around to getting it done, cut, colour, highlights and all. 

And then I get home and the sample shirt I ordered from the internet for a possible collaboration collection with my brother arrives, and it looks AWESOME!

This has inspired me to properly sit down and make the final decision on my side of the collection - the Jewellery. 

I have had the struggle of what do when it comes to my jewellery, with pricing and quality and how many designs, I can make a 100 designs and be caught on which to produce, but that adds in cost.

But the hardest decision has been, what kind of jewellery do I make, a cheaper larger range of jewellery, that will be cheap but not as high in quality and will not last as long, but I can make a larger range and more people can afford? 


Do I make a small set range, of quality materials such as silver, high quality crystals, pearls, KT and gemstones etc,  but will be higher in price and less people will probably buy.

I have been mulling it over, but I have finally come to the decision, and it all has to do with the vision of where I could see my pieces being sold, and its in high end city boutiques. 

And high end city boutiques don't sell cheap crap that falls apart.

I want to make pieces that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of.

I am going to leave the cheap 20 pieces to the chain stores who do it best, they make enough of the pieces you buy that fall apart and lose their colour in a few weeks for anyone out there looking for a cheap fix, I want timeless pieces that can be passed on as gifts, pieces that make stop and imagine with the perfect outfit.

So this is it, I am off to start my collection of 20 pieces, hopefully ready to be launched

Monday, November 12, 2012


OK, so after almost a year of not doing anything creative, designing or jewellery related, I have finally gotten around to making my Enaj Etsy store. 

I am hoping to make some even better designs for the New Year, but for now I will Just list probably 10-20 Designs. 

Also as it is the season, all purchases will come with  Mini Christmas themed paper gift bag AND some pieces may even come with a white Gift Box AND Polishing cloth, lucky You!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Carrie Bradshaw would be proud ...

The photo makes these out to be fluro orange but they are actually more of a pink colour, the camera makes them bright orange. 

I bought these shoes yesterday at a little boutique in Windsor, NSW. 

The Boutique is called PINQ and the website is 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Juicy Couture Shoes

So bright and perfect for Summer....

The Signature Juicy Logo....

                                                                 Even the wrapping is cool.

 I ordered these from a discount website that has become my new favourite website. 
When they arrived I jumped up and down like a wind up toy monkey. 
They are normally not the colour I would go for but they are Juicy Couture and perfect for summer, the shoes are fantastic quality and they were $160 down to $60.

I think I shall form a Label dedicated to great websites with discounted awesomeness.


Saturday, September 22, 2012



Green Jasmine Tea 8 Blooming balls (BT8GBGJTS)

A cataclysmic explosion of spectacular shades of green made from high-quality fresh green tea buds from the high mountains complimented with jasmine aroma. Green Tea Jasmine. A cataclysmic explosion of spectacular shades of green made from high-quality fresh green tea buds from the high mountains complimented with jasmine aroma.

WANT IT - and it's healthy so it would be totally justified, will purchase it when I get paid next.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Motivation - Erin louise Designs

Animal Fever


So me and one of my best friends have joined a gym, and I am trying to get motivated to get more fit... surprisingly I don't hate the gym at all like I though I would, but it is hard to eat less and more healthy like I should do. Its all the little things. 

Anyway I figure if I find things to keep me motivated this might help, so here is a list of random stuff to keep me motivated. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


To Date I have saved $1708.97 for London.
 I can officially afford plane tickets now. 

I am not sure if I am still going to go to London as the people I am going with are having troubles saving and lets just blame Julie Gillard.  Still I have other plans in the pipeline that I can use the money for. So Either lets just say I will be hoping on a plane and leaving NSW for something life changing. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inspiration for the week

Things that I have seen on the internet this week that have inspired me.....

Olsen Twins