Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am back.....

Ok, after much musing, I have started a Business Administration Certificate 4. 

It is an online TAFE course because I need a bigger life plan other than selling jewellery on the weekends.

I am also working on my work and casual wardrobe ( but especially work). 

I have already bought some lovely clothing pieces, but I really need to update my shoes, I have been wearing flats all year, but they have broken, so I had to wear some heels ( this is at a job where I work 9 hours then have to run to catch a bus to get home)  and was unsure how it would go. It wasn't that bad, I just need a good pair that are not to high and don't give me blisters, as I can't wear flats to work for the rest of my career.

If I hope to get a proper corporate job I will have to wear some sort of heeled shoe, so I might as well ge used to it now!

So let the search for some new flat and heeled shoes begin!!


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