Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sample Arrived - and Decision time

Ok, I am writing on a high, I just came back form the hairdresser, so my hair is looking SUPER FABULOUS after I finally got around to getting it done, cut, colour, highlights and all. 

And then I get home and the sample shirt I ordered from the internet for a possible collaboration collection with my brother arrives, and it looks AWESOME!

This has inspired me to properly sit down and make the final decision on my side of the collection - the Jewellery. 

I have had the struggle of what do when it comes to my jewellery, with pricing and quality and how many designs, I can make a 100 designs and be caught on which to produce, but that adds in cost.

But the hardest decision has been, what kind of jewellery do I make, a cheaper larger range of jewellery, that will be cheap but not as high in quality and will not last as long, but I can make a larger range and more people can afford? 


Do I make a small set range, of quality materials such as silver, high quality crystals, pearls, KT and gemstones etc,  but will be higher in price and less people will probably buy.

I have been mulling it over, but I have finally come to the decision, and it all has to do with the vision of where I could see my pieces being sold, and its in high end city boutiques. 

And high end city boutiques don't sell cheap crap that falls apart.

I want to make pieces that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of.

I am going to leave the cheap 20 pieces to the chain stores who do it best, they make enough of the pieces you buy that fall apart and lose their colour in a few weeks for anyone out there looking for a cheap fix, I want timeless pieces that can be passed on as gifts, pieces that make stop and imagine with the perfect outfit.

So this is it, I am off to start my collection of 20 pieces, hopefully ready to be launched

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