Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year - New Goals and Wish list

So, New Year, New Goals, wishlists and to do list's.

 As I sit here drinking a beautiful glass of 10 year old tawny that I got for my 21st Birthday, eating Adriano Zumbo macaroons and wearing my favourite new Peter Alexander dressing gown, I am thinking to myself of everything I want to do in this coming year.

In no particular order:

- Blog regularly, on this blog, my vintage recipes blog, and my new blog I am creating.

- Follow my passion for cooking more intensely, I am going to start creating my own recipes, and hopefully get them published in the new look bespoke zine. I want to start my own foodie blog, with my favourite recipes I find, and my own creations. 

- Update my tumblr weekly

- get in top of and keep on top of my emails

- Hopefully get three days work at my fabulous workplace

- Get my licence and hopefully my Mum's car  (if I get that extra days work)

- By one piece of clothing to update my wardrobe every month, I haven't bought myself new clothing in years really. I have purchased pieces here and there, but mostly I just by shoes, and I can't walk around in crappy clothes and fabulous shoes.

- Be more positive, I find it really hard to be positive, and its not healthy, literally - it affects your body.

- EAT BETTER and work better at the gym.

- And of course, to re-launch Enaj.

There is a lot to do there, but I really want to step it up this year...... so bring on the challenge!

xoxo J

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