Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ok, so I caught up with a new friend today and we got chatting about how both our lives are changing with our careers and goals for the next year.

And it was comforting and exciting to talk about my future plans and to really have someone listen and understand.

I have to say the last year has been tough, business wise and emotionally, as having your own label is so personal and to not know what you should be doing and stumbling blindly trying to find the right ways to market, sell, meet people and who to trust and not trust.

Anyway the whole point to this post is that I have made the decisions and I finally feel like I know what my right course of action is for the next year.

xoxo Jane

P.S I promise to try and make my Blog posts more visually exciting, but for pure Visuals and less personal blabber, check out my tumblr page -

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