Monday, November 21, 2011

2012 Dreams

Harpers Bazaar is my all time favourite magazine.

However I also picked up Vogue magazine the other day, which I normally do not go for, I don't know why but vogue usually doesn't do it for me the way Harpers does, to each there own I guess.

As I was flicking through the pages I saw a page on Glebe FBI College, and I read about it.

Something about it really attracted me, yes when I left school two years ago I thought about going to Uni or Tafe to study business or fashion, but I never did as I did not have the money or the qualifications or marks.

It somehow just did not call to me the way the path did to have my own business.

However reading this small article something sparked in me and called to me.

I went on to the website and read about the different courses, and I have fallen in love with the dream of going to Glebe FBI College, I don't know what the fees are, I emailed them to find out what they are and I probably will get an email back with a ridiculous amount that I can't afford and I will plumit back to reality.

I still don't know what my major plan is for next year, I know I will be taking the brand into a different direction and concentrating on better designs and having the brand being taken more seriously, but it would be even better if I was able to get into a course, it would get me the reputation and knowledge I am finding that I need.

xoxo Jane

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