Friday, June 29, 2012

Shopping Spree

Ok, so tomorrow I am heading into the city and I am going on a massive shopping spree, I know, I know what about my commitment to saving up for London and Paris, well I have some extra shifts coming my way and I really do need some new clothes, especially when I go to work or go our with the girls for Friday night dinners. 

I also will be sooo grabbing myself some Peter Alexander pyjamas, he really knows how to do a sale and I swear I sleep better in his clothes. 

So this is my plan. 

First stop off at the Mid City Centre and Snoop out the Peter Alexander, Bardot and Forever New. Then Head on over to the Strand Arcade, followed by the QVB. I will then stop over at Westfields followed by David Jones and then Myers. 

I have mapped this out all in accordance to what time the shops close. 


I think I shall also go to the ' Old Vienna Coffee House' and have a lovely lunch with a champagne.

Sometimes a gal just has to treat herself. 

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