Monday, December 12, 2011

Shooting the messenger....

I am a firm believer, that when it comes to dealing with other people, especially people you are not family or close friends with, you must maintain a professional manner with them, I don't mean being cold and business like, but don't take out your personal problems and bad day on them, ( not that I would deliberately do that with a family or close friend but you get what I mean). So where do you draw the line? When is it ok to shout and yell at someone who is not at the cause of your problems. 

The other day I was sent to deliver a message from my boss at work, you see the place where he works is part of a house, so the rest of the house is sectioned off and rent out to a family. I know the family who lives in the other side as I buy AVON from the women ( lets call her Leslie) and we have had many chats in the past and I have always found her to be nice and kind. 

However when my boss pulled up the other day to park his car in the only undercover double car space, her car was parked a little to in the middle for him to be able to get under cover. Anyway I was sent in to give her the message of could she park next time a little to the left.

 I was greeted at the door with her and as I barely got my sentenced finished she starts yelling at me saying " right, the only reason that is parked like that is because I have a newborn baby, and it was raining and I didn't want to get wet and I have not been back out to park the car  on the other driveway, but don't worry it won't happen again!' I WILL JUST LET MY NEWBORN BABY GET PNEUMONIA' finished with a door being slammed in my face as I tried to stutter out the phrase
 ' but Leslie I am just the messenger'.

Look I get that the message could have been taken the wrong way, and she may be having a tough time with the baby, but if she had not of slammed the door in my face, perhaps I could have been able to finished my message that

a, My Boss doesn't mind you parking there, but just a little more to the left next time so he can get in too,
b, I didn't nor did my boss know that you had had the baby

When I finally get back to tell my boss she had the baby and that she hadn't had the chance to move it he says casually ' oh thats ok then, did you say sorry' LIKE ITS WAS MY IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! I didn't bother mentioning I had the door slammed in my face, I just said that she shut the door too quickly as she was upset.To make things worse I had put in an AVON order the night left on her mobile phone, I have no idea if she didn't get the message or is just ignoring me as I didn't get the order.

I have not heard anything from Leslie now, no apology, no explanation, nothing from her wanting to let me finish the sentence, ( she only lives a couple of houses up from me, so she could easily say something or drop by, she used to to deliver AVON but i doubt that will happen anymore) my boss said when I see her next I should say he doesn't mind if she parks there and we didn't know she had the baby, but you know what, he can tell that to her himself, I fail to see why I should cop the abuse when this has really nothing to do with me, I take phone calls and do computer work, oh and now I have to find somewhere else to buy my foundation.

A New Job is definitely on the cards for next year......................... 


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