Monday, November 28, 2011

I wish I had

Now they are not Fashion Bucket List material... but that doesn't make me not want them any less.

$179 - Casino Royal - coral and tan

Now normally I have had a firm policy on wedges, and that is that I do not go near them.

But lately something has changed, I have seen a few wedges that have made me think.. hmm, not bad.

$179 - Inspiration is a must have - Aqua

After all, they can be worn with a dress or shorts in summer without looking to dressy or slutty and keeping it casual for day wear.

They are handmade with leather, and the names are just too perfect and alluring.....

I may have to go to the city in the New Year and check them out for myself.... just to admire of course!

xoxo Jane 

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