Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Freaking out over my epileptic Brain

Ok, so I had an appointment with my neurologist today as I have to get a medical review to be able to drive as I have epilepsy. I don't have seizures but I have what I call 'moments' where my thoughts trail of into a blur and I cannot remember what the hell I was thinking about or what I am talking to about with the person I am having a conversation with.

However I have not increased my medication since I was twelve and so I was told to double my medication because unless I no longer have the seizures I will not be able to drive and that means I will not be able to do basic things like grocery shop or pop down to see my friends for coffee without travelling 45 minutes or have to wait and hour and a half in 38 degree heat for a train, or go Christmas light driving, I can't just get a job or house anywhere I  want, I will have to make sure I get a job and house that is close to public transport and the list goes on...........

So now I have to take double medication go back on the 17th for a test that involves hyperventilation and flashing light shoved in my face resulting in me feeling dizzy and ill so I can go back on the 19th to my neurologist to find out if I can drive like a normal person.

So as you may have gathered, I am not in the most impressed happy cheerful perky mood.

There is one upside however, I was bulk billed at the Dr's so I did not have to shell out $160 bux, so if I can't drive, at least I can 'Carrie' on and buy myself  pair of shoes to console myself ( probably a pair of those wedges I have been lusting over as they are easy to walk in, and if I can't drive, I will be doing a hell of a lot of walking).

Anyway, I shall try and do a Victoria's Secret Post, for some distraction and inspiration.

xoxo Jane

P.S I well aware that there are people out there who have it FAAAR worse than I do or who are starving on the other side of the world, its just sometimes its good to let out an angry frustrated rant rather than bottle it up.....

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