Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wish List ...... A bit practical... A bit not.....

My wish list as I sit here at the Creative Spirit Centre where the Enaj Mini Boutique is located, I am googling all kinds of unpractical things - how do I justify it, well I am in a state of some seeeeerious contemplating here people.

I have some serious decisions that I am going to have to be making some time soon in the next few months, and I find that multitasking instead of just sitting there thinking about these scary decisions helps a bit, and they are practical things, just not practical for me now ;)

1. Diary for 2012
2. Tablet or Touchpad NOT by apple
3. MP3 at least 16G ( the electronic item I use the most, more than my phone and great for inspiration and late nights)
A leather Bound hand made Sketch Journal
A new wardrobe
6. Vampire Diaries Season 2 DVD ( missed sooo many episodes I had to stop watching and wait to catch up)

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