Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ok, so I have had to be making some decisions lately, and even more decisions are going to have to be made in the future. It has been a TOUGH time lately for me and I have been growing and shrinking in many ways it feels like.

First of all the change that I can announce, is that my blog will become more personal.

After all, when I first set it up I did say that it was going to be for the behind the scenes and what inspires my label Enaj.

I have been expanding in the social media world so much it has been getting hard to keep track of everything, and I begrudge posting the same announcement on every site, after all if you follow something on twitter, facebook, tumblr, blogger and you get the same announcement popping up on each site, then why bother following on all the sites and not just pick one.

So I am going to clarify to myself and you what each will be mainly for, pick all for all aspects of awesome Enaj goodness,, or pick which source you want for the different things your into......

Enaj Social Media Sites -

Facebook: Follow for announcements on sales and competitions. Enaj competitions and sales will be exclusive to facebook and will not be accessible or held on any other sites.

Twitter: For Random news such as new release dates, pictures of latest collections, previews, and short summed opinions and shout outs.

Tumblr: specifically for the Enaj website, includes photos of both current and upcoming collections, Specifically for any and everything visual. For those who like to be kept entertained and inspired.

Blogger: The more personal side of the Business, and more importantly my side of the story, of course there will be lots of Enaj posts but they will be a lot more raw and personal. So if you are not into rants, raves and reading then probably best to head over to tumblr for lovers of visual.

oh and yes, each post will now be signed off as Jane not Enaj which will be saved for business posts.

Jane xoxo

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