Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vinnies and Sallys Finds

Retro Jorgen Jensen Denmark Pewter Ring - Limited collection, $3 but worth $65

Jorgen Jensen ring and pyramid like cocktail, don't know the brand but I liked the look.

Retro 70's to 80's blouse. Loved the collar, looks great under a coat. $6

Electric Blue pointed kitten Heel Shoes - by Marks and Spencer $10

Versace- Red Jeans Parfume 9.2ml with Tin. Smells devine!

Glomesh Clutch by Park Lane, Sydney Australia - 1973

Park Lane is sadly no longer operating, which makes these designs that more limited.
Got it for free from Vinnies as powder was falling out of it, but my Nan fixed it when we got home. I know the bag alone is worth $95, don't know about the matching purse that came with it. But I love it.


When it comes to second hand, I won't lie, I am not usually a fan. Unless its quality. I am not against second or recycled things, but most of the stuff you find at the salvos or vinies is old trash from the 90's, and I believe the 90'2 was THE worst decade for fashion, especially for women. The only thing I would bring back would be chokers.

However nothing excites me more than finding something of good quality, at a fraction of the price. So this post is all about my favourite things I have picked up from Vinnies or Sallys.

The Jewellery I got years ago, the perfume at the begining of the year, but the shoes and purse I got last friday, I couldn't believe my find.

I am making it a mission of mine to save money this new financial year and try and embrace retro and vintage finds more, of course they have to be bargains as well.
Have you ever found something great at a second hand store?

xoxo Enaj

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