Monday, April 18, 2011

Antique Store Chanel Find

Ok, so I went to Windsor on Sunday and me and my Nan stopped in to see if the stalls and markets were still up (they have them every Sunday). We were too late but we stopped into the Antique store that I had seen the last time we were there but hadn't had the pleasure of acutally going into.

It was so beautiful and inspiring to see all the objects and different finds from another era......

anyway as I made my way around and come back to the front of the store what did I see in a glass cabinet that was too hard to resist.....


It was a 4ml bottle but for only $15 and I could not resist, I was thrilled and bought it instantly!
It now sits on my dresser with my other bottle of CHANEL - COCO MADEMOISELLE 7.5ml that I got on sale ( I know what are the chances of that happening) at a chemist because the distributors are changing it that only David Jones and Myers can sell CHANEL, but I paid like $85 for that bottle ....
After all that I got to go home and finally watch Coco Avant Chanel, a movie I have been dying to see for ages!

has anyone else found something great like that at an antique store ?

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