Sunday, June 10, 2012

the beauty and awesomeness of Kat Dennings

My Favourite Actress is Kat Dennings......

I think she is awesome

I am just putting it out there, I feel I must, I don't do many blog post on celebrities or actors, to be honest, I don't do that many blog posts, I should Blog more... I have the time. 

Anyway back to the awesomeness that is Kat Dennings.

Here are reasons why I think she is awesome, as if you needed any.

1. She is so beautiful.

2. she is funny, witty and seems like a genuine and nice/awesome/quirky person

3. She likes Cats, her favourite animals are Felines and she has one, and I support anyone who like Cats

4, I have no real proof as of yet, but I feel she could be a Tim Burton fan, she lists Beetlejuice as one of her favourite films and once mentioned on her blog that she wanted to watch sleepy hollow, coincidence, probably, but I like to think not!!!!

5, she has brunette hair, and I feel that brunette hair is the best, actually brunette with undertones of red is the best but not everyone can be perfect 

6, she's not orange and slopped in fake tan

7, she is cuuuurrrrvy as hell and gorgeous, a good role model for young girls and a breathe of fresh air in the sea of stick thin jersey shore orange blondes that make up hollywood.

8. The way she writes and speaks is funny and unique, people don't do that often enough

9. She is against drugs and irresponsible drinking and again, very rare for anyone of Gen Y to even be like that let alone Hollywood to be against such shenanigans.

10. she is a fantastic actress, and I am not just saying that because she is stunning and is on film, I mean she is actually a fantastic actress, some people just spit out there lines but she is fantastic and its like every scene she is doing is real and there is not a script already made up etc ......

and that is why I think Kat Dennings is awesome  :) 

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