Friday, April 13, 2012


I have been brainstorming about where to take my Label and what to do with everything I have learnt the past year.

I recently visited a gift and trade fair and was so inspired about all the things that can be purchased and to see how boutiques and gift fairs operate and purchase their goods.

Now After leaving the Creative Spirit Centre where I had my mini boutique ( a small couple of metres in a medium sized building with a few glass shelves displaying my jewellery) however it didn't really work and there where not enough customers for me to really advertise my jewellery and get my name out there. 

For a while I gave up on my dream of having my own label and and being able to be have a job that let me be creative, but now that I have an actual steady paying job ( albeit it is my 2nd job) and I am paying and saving up for all the basics that every other normal 20 yr old is. 

This gives me creative freedom do decide where I wanna take my label and what I wanna do with my life so far, I have to say I LOVE love my new job, the location is great, my colleagues are fantastic and the patients are awesome too. 

But I have to do more with my life than just being a receptionist. 

Anyway me and my Mum are thinking of doing some local fetes together, she wants to do fairy and girly related items ( she is great at sewing) and I want to find ways of pursuing, establishing and furthering my jewellery label.  

I get that its no boutique or fancy well known label, but everyone has to start somewhere, and if I can get a basic fan base, then that will me an amazing place to start. 

Anyway I am off, its time to do some more research.

xoxo J

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