Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long time no post ...

yeah, I am not a blogger addict, doesn't mean I will not be posting though, just not like a crazy person who has too much time on their hands. 

SO I finally got a job at a physio in the City right near the QVB. I love it there, I am on my three month probation there and I have my third day on the job still learning and picking up how to do everything tomorrow but I am loving it already, the people there are lovely and I am surrounded by shops and cafes. 

I have an awesome city wardrobe and went shopping the other day with loads of awesome purchases such as clothes, shoes, accessories and an awesome handbag. 
As a tribute to my awesome job, even if it is as a receptionist I will be creating a tag for all the awesome places in the city and tips for survival. 

xoxo J

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