Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On a whim

In my recent bid to get work, I was talking to my bestie about my career concerns and how I would love to work in fashion somehow. She told me she thinks I should write columns and  she told me its something she has seen me doing for years. I thought about it and she was right, I have always had a love for writing and I love fashion, I am always buying the latest fashion magazines I don't just buy them for pictures, I read almost every article in them too.

Anyway on a whim tonight I  sent an email to my favourite magazine Harpers Bazaar asking if they had any positions available, even if it was just doing the very basics like photocopying and getting coffee. 

Lets be honest, I have a one in a million chance, hundreds would write in with backgrounds in fashion and more relevant experience than me but I had to try.

I can't just spend the rest of my life as ' Jane from reception'

Writing columns for Harpers Bazaar, that would be my fairytale come true.


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