Thursday, February 9, 2012

20 yr old quarter life crisis ....

So lately I have been feeling so lost with what to do with  my life, I feel like I am achieving nothing and not going anywhere or doing anything. I have put my business on hold, and started looking for a full time Job, so that I can support myself. 

But in these tough times I am finding it hard to get work. I have experience as a receptionist for a Dr's Surgery but when I apply for other reception jobs I am either not what they are looking for or don't fill their criteria. There are also many corporate Jobs and I don't think I am qualified for those.

In the meantime while I am trying to get an every day job people are giving me that ' I told you so, you were stupid for trying to have your own business/label' vibe.

Then I get depressed at my state of broke-ness and lack of money and whinge about how no one will hire me
(better than bottling it up) and then I get told that maybe I should do a course and get qualifications and I am thinking with 'what money' and I am being told you can do HEX and I am thinking great I can put myself into debt, study for several years so I can get a basic Job to support myself while I figure out how to really pursue my dream Job, am I the only one who sees the waste of time, money and energy in that?

I have been looking at Event Management and Event Design as a course, and as a career it looks amazing, but if I was to put all that time, energy and money into the course and there would be no guarantee that I would find a Job and I would always still have that niggling passion and need to do what I have always dreamed of doing.

I feel so stuck -_-

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