Sunday, January 15, 2012

Womens Jewellery Unexplored

I just came up with a great idea for jewellery, its not a new idea just not one I have explored previously in womens jewellery. I have not posted to much lately as I have been busy with trying to find work. 

I may have to keep blogging to weekends. 

I need to find time to sketch as well, because I get so many awesome ideas and I forget half of them if I do not draw them down. Who knows. after last year I feel deflated dream wise in having my won label. I still want to be able to design and create jewellery, its just I can no longer ignore the basic foundations priority wise, which is a steady decent income.

Anyway, back to the ideas, I will do some research into womens cufflinks, I think they are an avenue that has not really been explored or appreciated in womens jewellery.

That should fill up the next hour until the next belated episode of Gossip Girl appears on channel Go in an hour. 

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