Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feeling Very Olsen



I went shopping with my Nan a few days ago, did not intend to go shopping and buy up but hey it was a nice surprise and I couldn't resist. 

I got a fantastic bustle jersey skirt, a soft stussy linen shirt, a pair of leather Gallo ( haven't heard much about the brand) shoes that are sooooo comfortable and soft I could wear them all day. I got $330 worth of Model Co make up for about $45.

 I also popped over to a friend of mines new temporary thrift shop and was able to get a great Country Road Singlet and sleeveless black vest kind of jacket with drapes that kind of match the bustle skirt. 

I must say I am feeling very Olsen with my latest buys ...

1 comment:

  1. that grey maxi skirt is so very olsen!
    if you love the ghd, i'm pretty sure you'll love the cloud 9 even more. it feels lighter and has more of a slick design. the user controlled temperature is probably the best feature. i'd hate to be using 180 degrees to straighten my hair when i probably only need 120 or so.
    good luck with your search! thanks for stopping by :)

    mel x