Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fashion Bucket List - Richard Weston

Blue Forest Scarf - Blue abstract forest print featuring unfinished, frayed edges.

Yellow Agate and Forest Print Scarf - wool and silk mix

Pyrite on Azurite Printed Scarf - silk and wool mix

So as a designer and business person in the making... I love watching shows about business or fashion, especially business and fashion. I was lucky enough to be able to find out about and watch a wonderful show on the ABC a few months back about ' The next Big Thing' a British show on emerging designers and inventors.

There were many wonderful talented people but my favourite was Richard Weston, a lovely down to earth creative man, that had thought to try something different and scan natural rocks and enlarge the patterns, creating a wonderful pattern of unique colours and shapes and print them on to scarves. 

I fell in love with his designs the minute I found out about them and I have vowed to visit Liberty one day and buy one (or many) of his designs, I must get a scarf. 

His scarves are massive and can be worn at the beach tied around the waist or would look fantastic under a black jacket in winter. 

xoxo Jane 

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