Tuesday, December 20, 2011


 I am the kind of girl who doesn't change her bag for like at least 3 months all the way up to like 9 months, I just don't see the point to having to go swapping everything and pulling it all out every few days or weeks. 

I mean if I am going out to a special dinner, I will choose the appropriate  clutch or dinner bag, otherwise I am happy to keep the same bag for quite a while, my whole world of everything I need is in my bag and I can safely grab my bag and run out the door with the full knowledge that it is all in there. 

That is why I also tend to go for neutral bag colours, so they go with everything I would possibly want to wear, I also love a decent sized bag too. 

Anyway as I went looking through Etsy for a good unique handbag, I like the idea of having something unique and limited edition, but I can't afford luxury designer, and I think if I am going to pay a decent price, it might as well be a good quality leather item that is made by someone so I am supporting someone who a hard working designer even if they are not Vogue Famous, and I am still getting my Limited Edition quality item. 

And that is how I stumbled apon Paulina Carcach.

Not only are her bags AMAZING, but I actually went to her website, and saw an amazing link called - DESIGN YOUR OWN.

I may be in trouble here people.....

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