Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Evolution of Romance Was Born

Being a designer its important to stay inspired and I find that one of the brands that inspires me a lot is Romance Was Born, I went on their super fantastic groovy website and went through all their collections since they first started and looked at how not only their designs have grown and developed but the way they have photographed and displayed it from probably their local alley way to the catwalk in front of Fashion Royalty.

Their Fabulous and their Aussie, 

 Cat Alley 2005

                                                    SS - Regional Australia 2006

                                               RWB Gets Nocturnal 2007 - AW

                                                           Weird Science - SS 07

                                                         Garden of Eden - 2007

Namaste - SS 2008

                                                          Yeti Magic - AW 2009

                                  Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells -SS 2009

                                           Nightmare on Wall Street - AW 2010

Renaissance Dinosaur - SS 2010


                                                     Fruit and Flowers - AW 2011

                                                            The Oracle - SS 2011

xoxo Enaj

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