Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I wish I had

Swarovski Crystalline Red Wine Glasses

Swarovski Crystalline Martini Glass

After watching the Sex and The City movie and Cougar Town Last night, I remembered what I had been wishing for a while now. Swarovski Crystalline Wine and Cocktail Glasses.
The Stems are filled with lots of little Swarovski Crystals, and the base is even cut in a way to look stunning. I have seen them in real life, and let me tell you, the photos do them no justice!

If you live in Australia though, may I urge you to NOT buy from Swarovski Australia, they are double the price of that if you buy them from the american Swarovski.

I would suggest you buy them from another International online outlet, or simply sign up to ShopBop and order through the American site. Hey I love Swarovski, but I have to call a rip off when I see one.

xoxo Enaj

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