Sunday, February 13, 2011



Wow, so yesterday was supposed to be a BIG day for me.

I was going to have Enaj in a special gallery dedicated to all things handmade in Mosman. I am not going to name names, or say the store, but if you know the area really well, you may know who/what I am talking about.

But I will tell you what happened.

after three months of talking with the manager (and her telling me that she has reserved me at the top of the list), she decides to let me know 2 weeks before I am due to sell my jewellery at the store, that it has to be handmade by me, and not assembled, I tell her that I am unable to make Swarovski Crystals, faux suede, sterling silver chain etc, but that all my designs are original, sketched out and handmade with uniqueness and are not just some thrown together rubbish from spotlight (of course this was all typed up in a professional polite email, don't get me wrong).

She then tells me that my beads need to be at least 50% handmade, so maybe I should put a layer of resin on them, or add a knitted wire charm or a resin link.

Unfortunately, I let her know that I have already made my seasonal collection, I also let her know I am a little confused and ask her when this new policy has been put in place, as I have had everything already made.

I also let her know that while on the stores website, I saw many other artists who had made jewellery from wire and wool etc( as well as others who use swarovski crystals etc...), and that they have also technically assembled their jewellery, as they did not make the wire or wool, and do you know what her reply was - NOTHING.

That was a week and a half ago now.

She ignored me, left me out to dry, all that time and preparation and stress... all that excitement.

I guess though it would have killed her or caused her great agony to send me an email saying unfortunately it wasn't going to work, or to let me know there was nothing that could be changed, or to at least let me know that I was not going to be in the gallery, but still wish me the best of luck etc... but no, that would have been, whats the word, POLITE.

However, as this years new years resolution was to learn and try and not stress over my business.... I am determined to write the 3 things I have learnt from this experience.

1, Don't count your eggs before they hatch - I sadly told people about my exciting news, I now regret this

2, No matter how nice people seem, they can always surprise you and turn to liars with bad public relation skills

3, make sure you read the fine print, and if there isn't any ASK FOR IT!

with this post ending, I hereby was my hands of this annoying and disappointing experience, and move on to the next phase of the plan.....

xoxoxo Jane

p.s do you have a similiar story .....

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