Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Rant on a dissapionting then interesting day

So for the second time yesterday I tried to get a spot at the glebe markets.
After a stressful drive to parramatta station... and trying to find a car park at 6 in the morning ( my mum driving and my nan "directing") we finally got to the glebe markets at 7:30.
After lining up for about 15 seconds the girl anounced that there were only 8 positions left.....and I was something like 20 something in line... needless to say I walked away very dissapionted, especially seeing as though I had gotten up at 4:15 in the morning ( I wanted to get there at 7 but as I said problems arose)

I eventually got talking to a girl who has her own label after she asked me why I was the markets so early..... she told me that the paddington markets were probably best for me ( and we shared our annoyance at how un-organised the glebe markets are)
So I guess it wasnt a complete waste.. I also bought the cutest hand carved rubber stamps that I will be using for some Enaj Pure Silver Pieces... I already have the Ideas sketched out.. can't wait to make then....

AAAAAAAAAAAArgghhhh have so much to do.....

End Rant.

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