Monday, July 19, 2010

When the face of adversity rears its ugly Head!!!

The ugly face of adversity is rearing its ugly head.... and for a short time it had me thinking it was going to win.
So I have had some bad news, well to be more accurate, no news. No news in this situation is the same as bad. I have realised that I am not going to be receiving the help I need from the bank ( 2 weeks and not even a letter, so I had to ring up and find out myself).

I needed a credit card to buy my first lot of supplies, to then start my designs. I have all my sketches, my business registered, isnured, ready to go... and the last and necassary thing has been denied me.

This inturn will mean I will be kicked off the NEIS ( New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) and will not receive the aid/mentoprship that they would provide me for a year.
To summarise, it looks like I will have to resort to plan B - completely stranded, without any help.

So what is plan B?.....

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  1. Oh no! Damn banks :( Stay positive, something will work out :D
    Is there a plan B?